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PhD (Accounting specializing in Corporate Governance) Thesis: My thesis investigated stock price synchronicity (co-movement) of stock prices in stock exchanges in a cross-country environment covering 40 capital markets of the world consisting of both developed and developing countries. Specifically, thesis investigated the effects of investor protection institutional environment and the use of firm fundamentals information on investors’ decisions in capital markets around the world. Investor Protection is used as a level and quality of the use of firm fundamentals information and its effects on stock price synchronicity in these capital markets for the countries for the sixteen years period from 1995-2010. Major subjects studied • Advance Accounting Theory • Research Methods in Accounting • Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting • Regression Analysis for Researchers • Multivariate Analysis for Researchers Research Interest My research specialization is in the field of Corporate Governance, Investor Protection, firm fundamentals information and stock price co-movements in stock exchanges, Accounting Quality, Firm Fundamental Information Disclosures and research methods in accounting. I have supervised 3 PhD Students (including 1 as a co-supervisor) and more than 15 MS students. Moreover, I have also supervised more than 30 MBA 1.5 and MBA 3.5 students besides mentoring and supervising more than 50 BBA and BS Banking and Finance Students.

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