Associate Professor

Entomology , Garden Campus

Contact Information:

[email protected]

Using molecular and genetic tools for the identification of genes regulating plant tolerance to various biotic (insects, other plant pathogens) and abiotic stresses (heat, drought, salt) with special emphasis on Nitric Oxide and ROS-mediated redox-regulation of pathways governing insect-plant microbe interactions and plant responses to abiotic stress. I am also interested in working on the role of Nitric Oxide in insect Biology and the interplay between various reactive nitrogen intermediates (RNIs) and reactive oxygen intermediates (ROIs) in maintenance of normal physiology in insects. Bioinformatics approaches (e.g. transcriptomic and genomic analysis) towards the identification of key genes regulating stress responses at transcriptional level in insects, nematodes and other microbes and Plants. Testing the key regulatory genes in vivo through functional genomic approaches by generating knock-down, knock-out and over-expression plants.

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