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Tourism & Hospitality , Garden Campus

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My preliminary qualification in biological sciences and then my subsequent experience with internationally acclaimed organization (IUCN-The World Conservation Union-Pakistan), enabled me to develop an award winning research proposal for my PhD in Tourism Management in UK during 2004. My PhD research work was based on the data gleaned from sustainable practices in tourism from selected case studies (Ulugan Bay, Philippines; Operation Wallacea, Indonesia and Kaikoura District Council, New Zealand) and primary data collected in coastal areas of Pakistan. The overall exercise provided me an opportunity to strategically analyze the resource base and contextual environment of tourism industry in Pakistan and finally devising a generic model for sustainable tourism in developing world scenario. In 2010, I have started my career as an academician and researcher in tourism. As an academician my focus is to contribute in producing skilled graduates in the relevant field, whilst, as a researcher I am struggling to promote sustainable tourism in the country. I have published 12 research articles in internationally reputed journals. Likewise, I have participated in 10 national/international conferences for presenting my work. I have also organized four relevant international conferences. In 2018, I have been awarded with a project worth Rs 1.75 million by KPK Government. The main goal of the project is to identify the gap between the hospitality sector and the concerned educational institutes. The project will provide an overview on the opportunities and issues related to the employment of employees in the hospitality sector in the country. Finally, it would recommend a model for producing graduates with respect to the demands of the local and regional hospitality industry. In addition, I have a working experience as a tourism consultant with organizations like USAID, WWF-Pakistan, UNDP, Ministry of Environment-Pakistan, and Royal Society for Protection of Birds-UK. The major consultancy work with these organizations including: tourism policy formulation, tourism management planning, community based ecotourism, natural resources management and developing sustainable livelihood concepts etc. In order to keep myself aware of the contemporary issues in tourism & hospitality sectors, I have a membership of some prestigious organizations like Asian Pacific Tourism Association (APTA), Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan (STFP) & World Wide Fund for Nature Pakistan (WWF-P). My competencies in the sector like academic skills, practical experience, knowhow about the touristic resource of the country and international exposure etc have collectively furnished me a well rounded tourism expert. Further, I am passionate to play a proactive role in streamlining the tourism industry of Pakistan.