Assistant Professor

Political Science , Garden Campus

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Hello, I am Azmat Ali Khan S/o Mian Jee Badshah, working as an Assistant Professor Department of Political Science, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan. I feel immense pleasure to be on this position here at AWKUM, and before this I served the motherland in different educational institutions . for the last 12 years i have been engaged in this profession and feel that education is like all other necessary elements of life is an important and inevitable element. I am thankful that in these 12 years i have produced hundreds of graduates and they are serving the state here and abroad. I believe that education should be made mandatory for both sexes, Male and Female, as it is evident that our beloved prophet himself once said in a famous Hadith, "Seek knowledge from cradle to the grave. I personally served 4 Higher educational institutions. my field subjects are; Religion and Politics, Geo-Political Structure of the world, Political Systems, Colonial and Post-Colonial Societies.

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